Key Dates &
Academic Calendar

At AIBI Higher Education, we have three intakes per year, giving you the freedom to enrol with us at a time that suits you!

Check out our current academic calendar and access our key dates for our future intakes.

Plan Ahead

We recognise the importance of planning ahead, so we’ve laid out our dates to help you manage your time efficiently and organise your term breaks.

It’s worth noting that during term breaks, our campus facilities remain accessible for all students who wish to use them (except for our Christmas shutdown period from late December to early January).

Student Support

Whether you’re on or off campus, our student support team is available year-round if you need to get in touch. Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance – we’re here for you!

Academic Calendar

Download your copy of our 2024 AIBI Higher Education Academic Calendar to refer to throughout the year.

Key Dates

Our Key Dates feature our orientations, class start and finish dates, census dates, and term breaks for 2024-2027.

Learn About Our Scholarships & Discounts

Domestic students may avail of our domestic scholarships for their studies at AIBI Higher Education.

Additionally, course discounts may be available to international students. 

Get in touch today to learn more about our current offers and speak to our team about your eligibility.