Admissions Policy

For International and Domestic students

Students seeking admission into AIBI Higher Education programs will need to demonstrate the required academic requirements. The table below is indicated as a guide only; and all documents will be assessed based on our Admissions Policy.

Further details can be accessed from the AIBI Higher Education Admissions Policy’ and ‘English Language Proficiency Policy’, which is available from the Institute’s website. Qualifications issued overseas deemed equivalent to accredited qualifications issued in Australia will suffice to meet admission criteria.  Equivalency will be determined through the Country Education Profiles.

Alternatively, you can check the table below to help you transition into our Bachelor Degree Programs:

Where you do not have your final results from your Year 12 studies, forecast results are accepted in most cases.

There may be specific subject requirements, depending on your intended degree program. For example, a minimum grade in mathematics and/or science.

Bonus points may be applied for key schools and for good results in relevant subjects.