Policies and Forms


AIBI Higher Education policies and procedures provide details of how AIBI Higher Education operates in academic and non-academic areas. Following are some of the main Policies that relate to students:

Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct sets out AIBI Higher Education’s expected standards with regards to student conduct.
AIBI Higher Education is committed to the intellectual and personal welfare of its students, staff, and members of the broader community. It aims to provide a safe, secure, respectful and inclusive academic environment and student conduct is a crucial factor to such an environment.

Students are accountable for their conduct and it is their responsibility to be familiar with this Code and other behaviour standards published by AIBI Higher Education.

Breaches of the Student Code of Conduct are dealt with by the rules of procedural fairness. If it is determined that a breach has occurred, the severity of the breach will be considered when determining the penalty and sanctions. For minor breaches, the penalty may be an apology or attending relevant training, and for major breaches may be exclusion or referral of the matter to the relevant authorities. Major breaches are deliberate, planned, significant in scale, significant in scope, and/or in breach of legislation.

Complaints & Appeals

The Student Complaints and Appeals Policy supports AIBI Higher Education’s commitment to resolving disputes between students and AIBI Higher Education and its staff as quickly and as sensitively as possible.

AIBI Higher Education operates on the basis that AIBI Higher Education’s decisions with regard to academic and professional matters are entrusted to staff in accordance with established procedures. It is recognised however that from time to time disputes may arise with respect to these decisions. This Policy will assist all parties to resolve any issues that arise in the course of AIBI Higher Education’s operations.

ll complaints and appeals are handled through a four-stage process, with each stage representing an increase in the level of formality with which the complaint or appeal is handled::

Material and Resource Requirements

Where use of a computer is required to participate to a unit, students are expected to bring a personally-owned device. The student’s device must satisfy the technological requirements as specified in the unit outline and/or program information. The Institute will only offer limited technical support to assist students connecting their device to the network and installing required software.

Policies and procedures