What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence leverages technology and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and operational decisions.

Business intelligence professionals analyse data and present analytical findings in reports, briefings and dashboards to provide senior management and boards with detailed intelligence about the state of their organizations.

The current “Fourth Industrial Revolution” means that the emerging workforce must be prepared for a future working alongside deep technology like artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Organizations everywhere will adopt advanced digital technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, the internet of things and nanotechnology to improve operations and inform decision-making.

These disruptions will spark unprecedented change for workers who will need to upskill regularly throughout their careers in order to stay current and succeed.

The world is facing a new “digital reality” that could require a very different education system to help young people navigate their careers.

Research indicates that our current education system, focused on the acquisition of specialised knowledge, will not be fit for purpose in the new industrial age. Education institutions need to achieve a mindset shift around lifelong learning and move toward problem-based learning to better equip students for future challenges in the workplace.

At the Australian Institute of Business Intelligence we are leading the charge by creating new courses designed to meet the business intelligence needs of tomorrow.